Meet the Team


Max Haot
Max Haot Co-Founder & CEO
Dayananda Nanjundappa
Dayananda Nanjundappa Co-Founder & CTO
Phil Worthington
Phil Worthington Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer
Mark Kornfilt
Mark Kornfilt Co-Founder & General Manager, Livestream EMEA

Product & Engineering

Sergey Malyuk
Sergey Malyuk VP, Engineering
Alexander Yuriev
Alexander Yuriev Head of SRE
Ronald Huveneers
Ronald Huveneers Senior Software Engineer
Gennadii Ivanov
Gennadii Ivanov Head of Mobile
Anil Duran
Anil Duran Product Designer
Seth Rieder
Seth Rieder Product Designer
Oisin Lewis
Oisin Lewis User Experience Designer
Andrey Voropay
Andrey Voropay UX Designer
Andrew Bernstein
Andrew Bernstein Copywriter
 Vedratna Velani
Vedratna Velani Senior Software Engineer
Anusha Ravi
Anusha Ravi Senior Test Engineer
 Manohar H T
Manohar H T Lead SRE Engineer
Charles Eric Dessart
Charles Eric Dessart Software Engineer
Varun Agarwal
Varun Agarwal QA Team Lead
Hari Kumar
Hari Kumar Sr Systems Engineer
Sreenu Raghavan
Sreenu Raghavan Senior System Administrator
Alex Hornbake
Alex Hornbake Software Engineer
Ievgeny Kuznetsov
Ievgeny Kuznetsov Software Engineer
Vladimir Krivankov
Vladimir Krivankov Software Engineer
Anil N
Anil N Software Engineer
Deepti Sheoran
Deepti Sheoran Test Engineer
 Ramesh Burugu
Ramesh Burugu System Administrator
Ankit Garg
Ankit Garg Test Engineer
Anshul Jain
Anshul Jain NOC Manager
Vijay Sharathy PJ
Vijay Sharathy PJ Test Engineer
 Kiran P L C
Kiran P L C Senior System Administrator
Alok Pattnaik
Alok Pattnaik Test Engineer
Shyamkumar T
Shyamkumar T System Administrator
Sourav Chandra
Sourav Chandra Senior Software Engineer
Vishal John
Vishal John Software Engineer
Nick Atzert
Nick Atzert Jr. Site Reliability Engineer
Vladimir Shkryabets
Vladimir Shkryabets Software Engineer
Pankaj Mittal
Pankaj Mittal Analytics Team Lead
Rathnakara GN
Rathnakara GN Senior Network and IT Engineer
Marcos Mota
Marcos Mota IT & Datacenter
Piotr Myszka
Piotr Myszka Lead Software Engineer
Piotr Dabrowski
Piotr Dabrowski Front-End Developer
Alexander Balster
Alexander Balster Software Engineer
Scott Yuan
Scott Yuan Electronics Engineer
Richard Levinson
Richard Levinson Assembly/QA Technician
Vladimir Shipiguzov
Vladimir Shipiguzov Test Engineer
Alexander Novar
Alexander Novar Software Engineer
Alexey Lelukh
Alexey Lelukh Software Engineer
Andrey Shishko
Andrey Shishko Software Engineer
Anton Klevets
Anton Klevets Software Engineer
Anton Polskiy
Anton Polskiy Software Engineer
Daniel Abramov
Daniel Abramov Software Engineer
Dmitry Karnaukh
Dmitry Karnaukh Software Engineer
Roman Khasanov
Roman Khasanov Software Engineer
Roman Minenok
Roman Minenok Software Engineer
Roman Rakhmatulov
Roman Rakhmatulov Test Engineer
Sergey Dundich
Sergey Dundich Software Engineer
Sergey Yarovoy
Sergey Yarovoy Test Engineer
Nicolas Siver
Nicolas Siver Software Engineer
Vladimir Boiko
Vladimir Boiko Software Engineer
Oleg Kosmina
Oleg Kosmina Software Engineer
Dmitry Soska
Dmitry Soska Software Engineer
Pradeep Kumar Nayak
Pradeep Kumar Nayak Software Engineer
Alexander Krivenkiy
Alexander Krivenkiy Software Engineer
Simon Rajan
Simon Rajan Site Reliability Engineer
Sandeep Patle
Sandeep Patle Senior Software Engineer
Rajesh Kumar Narayanan
Rajesh Kumar Narayanan Software Engineer
Ambika U
Ambika U Test Engineer
Krunal R Patel
Krunal R Patel System Administrator
Mohanraj D
Mohanraj D Senior System Administrator
Sreelatha L
Sreelatha L Senior Test Engineer
Renjith Raju
Renjith Raju System Administrator
Rooparani R
Rooparani R QA Intern
Sathish A H
Sathish A H Software Engineer
Vijayendraswamy V B
Vijayendraswamy V B Senior Automation Test Engineer
Armaan Dhull
Armaan Dhull Business Intelligence Analyst
Richard Marmorstein
Richard Marmorstein Software Engineer
Sergey Kurson
Sergey Kurson Software Engineer
Ethel Dubrovsky
Ethel Dubrovsky Software Engineer
Jeffery Lam
Jeffery Lam Electrical Engineer
Joseph Hui
Joseph Hui Software Engineer

Platform Sales

Salvatore Romana
Salvatore Romana Director of Product Sales
Mahdi Motamedi
Mahdi Motamedi Business Development Manager, EMEA
Jonathan Morello
Jonathan Morello Account Executive
Leah Blowes
Leah Blowes Customer Ambassador
Jordan Karasik
Jordan Karasik Account Executive
Kunal Joshi
Kunal Joshi Sales Head, India
Bipin Shashidharan
Bipin Shashidharan Sales

Customer Operations

João Valverde Ramos
João Valverde Ramos Head of Operations
Laura Marciano
Laura Marciano Head of Customer Operations
Matthew Holota
Matthew Holota Support Manager
Henry Bernard
Henry Bernard Product Development Support Specialist
Joanne Walker
Joanne Walker Production Manager
Brandon Blinderman
Brandon Blinderman Producer Support
Emily Knox
Emily Knox Producer Support
Jessica Salinas
Jessica Salinas Acting Editor
Paul Rutter
Paul Rutter Senior Encoding Engineer
Phil Watts
Phil Watts Project Manager
Jessica Petrauskas
Jessica Petrauskas Team Lead - Client Support
Mike Artuso
Mike Artuso Producer Support
Ashok Kamat
Ashok Kamat Producer Support
Thomas Gott
Thomas Gott Producer
Kyoko Takenaka
Kyoko Takenaka Client Support Specialist
David Theisen
David Theisen Client Support Specialist
Andy Hall
Andy Hall Team Lead - Client Support Specialist
Andrew Newman
Andrew Newman Product Sales Coordinator
Kristin McCue
Kristin McCue Producer Support
Kristina Rusch
Kristina Rusch Customer Service Representative
Corey Wadley
Corey Wadley Client Support Specialist
Hector Mendez
Hector Mendez Client Support Specialist
Edmund Yealu
Edmund Yealu Producer Support
Jack Marone
Jack Marone Customer Service Representative
Marc Wray
Marc Wray Junior Encoding Engineer
Tomas Bertulis
Tomas Bertulis Junior Encoding Engineer
Andrew Norton
Andrew Norton Client Support Specialist
Matthew Saur
Matthew Saur Client Support Specialist
Amanda Vicari
Amanda Vicari Producer Support
David Morgan
David Morgan Customer Service Representative
James Kase
James Kase Customer Service Representative
Tom Iannaco
Tom Iannaco Producer Support
Michelle Diaz Murphy
Michelle Diaz Murphy Client Support Specialist
Maria Clymer
Maria Clymer Billing Customer Service Representative
Lauren Milazzo
Lauren Milazzo Producer
Joshua Douglas
Joshua Douglas Encoding Engineer
Michael Provino
Michael Provino Customer Service Representative
Mark Fagnano
Mark Fagnano Producer
Bob Raymonda
Bob Raymonda Customer Service Representative
Steven Panzarella
Steven Panzarella Producer Support
Remy Schwartz
Remy Schwartz Producer Support

Livestream Productions

Sam Kimball
Sam Kimball President and General Manager Livestream Productions, US
Joe Bandelli
Joe Bandelli Head of Production
Alex Schuster
Alex Schuster Director - Professional Services
Samantha Spar
Samantha Spar Production Administration & Finance Coordinator
Mindy Lyons
Mindy Lyons Director, Strategic Solutions + Services
Rob Baynard
Rob Baynard Producer
Greg Palmer
Greg Palmer Producer
Thomas McAulay
Thomas McAulay Producer
Tracy Kleeman
Tracy Kleeman Production Manager
Fernando Martinez
Fernando Martinez Web Designer
Gina Sidote
Gina Sidote Project Manager
Dennis O'Brien
Dennis O'Brien Project Manager
Erin Starke
Erin Starke Business Development Manager
Hiren Soneta
Hiren Soneta Producer
Abhiram Abhayam
Abhiram Abhayam Senior Producer

Livestream for News

Clayton Rose
Clayton Rose GM, Livestream for News
Peter Yares
Peter Yares Manager, Media & Advertising

Channel Sales

Jeff Varnell
Jeff Varnell EVP, Business Development
Joe Husson
Joe Husson Vice President of Channel Sales

Business Administration

Catherine Rivera
Catherine Rivera Head of Accounting Administration & HR
Uma Avantsa
Uma Avantsa Chief Operating Officer, India
Vadim Shyshchuk
Vadim Shyshchuk Chief Operating Officer, Ukraine
Pallavi Prakash
Pallavi Prakash HR Manager
Svetlana Grishina
Svetlana Grishina Accountant
Ievgeny Kuzminov
Ievgeny Kuzminov HR Manager
Tenniel Kulanusorstit
Tenniel Kulanusorstit Administrative Assistant

Livestream Public

Dan Pacheco
Dan Pacheco GM Livestream Public
Ian Mccoy
Ian Mccoy Senior Producer
Nathan Lundie
Nathan Lundie Senior Producer
Liz Emirzian
Liz Emirzian Event and Content Developer
Kelly Phitoussi
Kelly Phitoussi Event and Content Developer